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Project Management update and communications



Hi all,

What a great opportunity to test out the new blog feature and get some announcements out of the way.

First of all, I'd like to thank Scar for helping set up the project and management when we started out, he has left the team to concentrate on other things in his real life. This brought much thought to the current management team that we have in place and while it might seem a bit fast, we need to be efficient and proactive.

Today I can announce @Michaeland @ChrisPatrol will be the new Project Managers. They will be currently reviewing the project review status at where this is at and soon we'll be updating you guys with some new videos of our modification. We are internally looking for a new Operations Manager and a Community Manager but this will gradually come over this week and next week along with the new Development Manager.

While we're on the subject of changes to our project, we feel communication is lacking here and this is something both Project Managers brought up, not just internally but externally as well. So we are putting ideas forward along with the community relations and media teams to bring teasers/videos and posts to the run-up of the project going live.

This won't happen overnight so we do ask you to be patient and continuing to follow our official channels for the announcements that come directly from us and not third-party websites that our community has created. Feel free to offer your good wishes to Scar and the new PM's below in the comments section.

While you're here, please join our official partnered Discord channel https://discord.gg/infinitetruckers

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