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Viva Trucking approved status revoked



Dear Community,

We have removed Viva Trucking approved status from our services with immediate effect, failure to comply with basic ethnic standards.

Unfortunately, they have failed to comply with some basic standards by not moderating their Discord server with toxic users who repeatedly target and offend our community and players which also go against Discord's ToS. Subsequently, Viva Trucking has repeatedly been biased on management decisions such as following orders from another competitor in the multiplayer market, obviously, this comes across questionable and it seems numbers are only a priority for them rather than following their true values as they claim on their services. No Virtual Trucking Company should be biased towards other communities that offer certain partnerships, this would be very corrupt and unfair competition against other Virtual Trucking Companies.

As part of our transparency program, this is our reason and as a founder, I just wanted to update you all on the reason and why you cannot associate our products with Viva Trucking via the approved system.

EDIT: I just want to also add, TMP allegedly asked Quad and others to not associate with us, at his request a few weeks ago I accepted, however, I stated I will let his own community and our community know, which he did not like.  Here is the conversation in where he wanted to cover that up, so his statement does not back this blog post up.


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Guest NE0


Its great that Quad understands and still supports IFMP by stating "Just keep things the same".

This is also a great reason on why the transparency program is a good thing with IFMP

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9 hours ago, neonodyssey_tv said:

This is also a great reason on why the transparency program is a good thing with IFMP

Something TMP could learn from but never will, it keeps everyone informed on whats going on behind closed doors ( obviously there are limits ) 

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It's authentically woeful how one of the most astronomically immense and if not the most immensely colossal one of Virtual Trucking Company is active at all. I'm sufficiently certain that you have done the right decision, KIKI.

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f*****g bang spot on with one of the things you said there @KIKI people are only using tmp because there is no other public live project when this one opens ill be closing all accounts associated to tmp ive had enough of there staff and there lack of improvement of what there community wanting mods to compatible with tmp  etc etc 

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