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2FA recommended on forum accounts



Hi all,

Just a quick update on a push that we have launched.

We have just pushed an update to all users on our forum to enable 2FA to protect your data and your account from being hacked. This is now optional and not required. Thus, lowers risks in any premature attempts of hackers trying to gain access to your account and information. As a staff member, we require 2fa automatically due to moderation tools and the data being available. This will also be required on our website when this launches.

We use a service called Google Authenticator which is available on the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. You simply install the App, make sure to confirm and allow permissions for the App to use your camera and scan the QR code.

Every time you log in, refresh your cookies, your account will ask you for a digital code that you can find in the App, this will refresh regularly and will generate new QR codes.

What happens if I am locked out of my account? 

You must email from the registered email account to [email protected] - It will generate a ticket from your registered account and then we're able to unlock the account with your validated email. If you email from a different account, we're not able to unlock it for security reasons.

If you forget the email address, simply follow the 2fa instructions and it'll give you the details to refresh your memory.

You can view this security feature by visiting here https://forum.infinitetruckers.com/settings/account-security/ 

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Great security feature, already enabled though 😉

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Guest NE0


Great to see 2FA used  can't wait to protect my account thanks @KIKI

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