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Finally... you can sign up to our website!



Dear Community,

We’re excited to push our official website that will play a part in our modification client, coming soon to you.

You can now sign up using your Steam account to our website, and be quick, those small ID’s won’t stick around for long.

While some features on the website are still a work in progress, we wanted to push the basics for you to get organised, ready for something exciting.

It has been a bit of a journey, in particular, our Development Manager Dub, who has recently learned Laravel framework, which is being used on our website.

Dub said: “With the great opportunity given to me by KiKi to develop not only systems which would be used by Infinite Truckers but also develop my skills and allow me to expand and become more creative, I appreciate this chance and will always try my best. Having that been said I am excited for this update to go live after putting numerous hours in developing and creating features from scratch.”

You’re welcome to sign up right now via infinitetruckers.com - Again, while some features are still WIP, we ask you to be patient.

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Thank you very much KIKI for your creativity thank you also developers 😌💖

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really nice! I've got ID 62 'cause my computer was very slow xD

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Hey, I have many problems while sign up there..

The most of the time I have a Server Error (500), otherways it happens nothing.


Anyone Can help me? (sorry my english is bad :D)

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Hello @Moritz;

The website is offline. When it's ready, we will release it.

The forum must be worked for you now. Can you check it pls? 

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15 minutes ago, LlGHTOFGOD said:

The forum must be worked for you now. Can you check it pls? 

The forum now is working. Thanks for the information with the website ^^

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Hello everyone!

We are going to work again on it. The website will offline.

You can have access to the forum. If you have an error, please submit a feedback ticket.

Thanks! Locked! ❤️ 

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