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    Dear players, Over the past couple of weeks we have been rather busy as a team. We have been able to get a lot done. Here is a breakdown of the main bits to keep you up to date with whats going on: Two Factor Authentication We’ve released the ability to protect your website account with two factor authentication applications such as Google Authenticator or Authy. You can set this up by heading over to your website profile and then clicking “Edit Profile” and activate 2fa. Recruitment Just in case you missed it, we have now officially released our recruitment system on our website and we already have some positions open! As of the time of writing this post, we are looking for Forum and Discord Moderation staff, as well as a couple of developers and we are also looking for those that are interested with in Game Administration who want to join our team. Other recruitments are set to open soon, so sit tight and look out for further announcements! You can find our recruitment page here: https://infinitetruckers.com/recruitment Beta tester applications As of today, we have just closed our Beta testing applications. Many people have applied to join in with the experience. If your application is currently “in-review” we will be reviewing your application further, so look out for further news! Role changes While we continue to make our rank structure unique and fit in with the needs of the community, we have made some new adjustments and additions to the team to help the flow of work as well as it can. Communications team It’s important that our communications across our platforms, including our social media profiles are on point. While we realise we cannot take everyone on into a Management position, there are many people who have the skills and knowledge to do what it takes to communicate effectively with the community. As of today, we’ve replaced the Community Management role with a Communications team which will consist of a Manager and some team members. Together, this team will be responsible for writing these blog posts and keeping our social media up to date. Look out for a recruitment session for this team soon! Design team We’ve renamed our Media team to the Design team to cover a wider range of production, including photos, videos, skins and more! Our Design team, headed by Tnt404, will be working with the Communications team to create all the imagery they need for all the social media posts and making our blog posts looking the way they should. Feedback We are currently in the process of building our official feedback system into the website. This will be the area in which you are able to provide feedback about our modification and also make suggestions or report sensitive bugs. Complaints and compliments will also be submitted to feedback for them to be resolved. The Modification Client As this is and always will be a hot topic, You will have noticed more movement recently towards some sort of release at some point. We are currently in the process of working on the API to ensure all the information it needs to collect and send out is ready and working optimally. You will have read above and seen conversations about Beta testing and us preparing for this stage by sending out the applications. We will provide more news on this soon! As a team with our wonderful community, we are committed to driving towards success and are continually working to ensure our systems are as fair and consistent as they can be. Thank you as always for the support while we are in the process of preparing everything we need. We look forward to seeing you all in the roads in the future!
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    Hi all, As we're close to that final step of releasing, it is important we focused on web development and in-game security fencing. Today, we're proud to announce our official in-game rules that have been implemented by the Game Administration Managers and Project Management. We think our rules are fair and have a consistent flow for when things go horribly wrong for you. We understand sometimes you cause a collision, out of looking on your phone, rushing to the front door or simply trying to eat your dinner. This is why we have brought in the "no permanent ban" feature. Basically, you will not receive a permanent ban unless you implement hacks in our client. In the below set of rules, punishments are based on points. When you reach 10 points, you will get a short two-day ban and so on. Save editing is also a popular topic. - We are currently finishing off our local check for approved modifications, for example, as third-party modifications get popular, we will test and have talks with third-party developers to come into agreement to store them via the server to ensure safe modifications are loaded. What does this mean? We're hugely supportive of local mods, we will do our best to support them via our server. We shall have a dedicated page of approved modifications and will allow inspiring developers to submit their modifications for review. We already have an agreement with a few. These rules can be found on our website shortly. Infinite Truckers In-Game Ruleset While playing on our game servers you are expected to know, follow and respect these rules, failing to follow these rules will result in a punishment. Please note: There is no permanent ban unless you are found to be hacking. Software Related Rules Hacking (PERMANENT BAN) The use of any software or tool or anything similar to affect your gameplay or the gameplay of others is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to: Changing your maximum speed Increasing vehicular damage protection or anything similar. Bug Abusing If you find a bug, you are to report it immediately using the Feedback system. Do not attempt to reproduce it. Provide as much information as possible when reporting a bug. Community and Interaction Related Rules: Communication (kick or 10 points | racism/hatred 50 points) While on Infinite Truckers servers you are to respect everyone; insulting, racist/offensive remarks or any hatred towards any player/religion/country/sexual or political orientation will not be tolerated. Account Sharing: Please refer to our Terms of Service. Sharing your Account is not allowed. Any punishment will be tied to the account and not the person who was using the account. Ban Evading: Using another account to get around a ban is not allowed. Any account found to be used for ban evading will be banned and all points are added to the original account. License System (aka. Punishment System) Every trucker has a license. By breaking the rules, you will receive (penalty) points. If you reach or pass a certain number of points, you will automatically be banned from IFMP game-servers. The highest point-mark that you pass will determine your ban length. (Reminder: Bans will not be deleted from your history if the license is reset) 10 points: 2 days 20 points: 5 days 25 points: 7 days 30 points: 8 days 40 points: 9 days 50 points: 10 days 60 points: 14 days 70 points: 18 days 75 points: 21 days 80 points: 30 days 85 points: 48 days 90 points: 60 days 100 points: 90 days Probation Period After your ban on the highest level has finished, you have a probation period of 30 days. If you get banned again within these 30 days, you will receive the highest punishment again. After the highest level punishment has finished, if you go 30 days without getting banned, your points are reset. Example 1: Bonnm already has 5 points on his license. Now he rams another trucker by intention. This will result in 50 more points, adding up to a total of 55 points. He passed the 50 points-mark and therefore the ban for this mark will be applied. Bonnm is now banned for 10 days. The marks for 10/20/25/30/40 points will be ignored and only the ban tied to the 50 points-mark will be applied. Example 2: RayRay5 already has 95 points and is found to be blocking another trucker. Adding 15 points would result in 110 points total. The ban for the 100-points-mark (=90 days) will be applied. RayRay5 is now on probation. If he gets banned again within 30 days after the ban expired, he will be banned for 90 days once again. If he doesn’t get banned, the license is reset to 0 points. Traffic-Related Rules: While driving on our servers, you are expected to follow the traffic rules of the respective country. Reckless Driving (10 points) Driving in a way or manner that can or does cause danger to others around you. This includes, but is not limited to: Swerving from lane to lane Excessive reversing Driving in any way that breaks the road laws, of the respective country, classes as Reckless Driving. Wrong Way Driving (15 points) Driving against the mandatory direction of travel. Racing (20 points) Racing other drivers for joy, competition or any other reason is strictly forbidden. Inappropriate Overtaking (5 points) Overtaking in a situation where it is clearly unsafe, against the traffic laws, causes an accident, or puts other drivers in danger. Overtaking in areas with a high amount of traffic Ramming (by negligence: 20 points | intentional: 50 points) Intentionally driving into a vehicle or any maneuver that causes an accident with another driver. Blocking (15 points) Intentionally putting yourself in other drivers travel direction, blocking entrances or roads to restrict other drivers direction of travel. Meaningless Driving / Useless Traffic (kick or 5 points) Driving around with no valid reason, only to cause (unnecessary) traffic in highly populated areas. Inappropriate Parking (kick or 5 points) Parking in an area that is not designated to parking. Parking on or next to highly populated roads or in populated cities. Parking in a way that other traffic is disrupted. Save Editing Rules (permanent until appeal with evidence of removal) Save Editing is only allowed for local modifications (short: mods). Mods may not interfere with hitboxes, physics and other vital game and vehicle parameters. Using and setting variables via command-line (developer-console) must be in an appropriate range as stated in the SCS Modding Wiki (https://modding.scssoft.com/wiki/Documentation/Engine/Configuration_variables). Please note that changing a parameter has an immediate effect and can cause weird behavior and may harm and danger other truckers. Abusing this will result in a ban. Whitelisted Modifications (permanent until appeal with evidence of removal) Whitelisted Modifications may not be modified in any way. Mixing Vehicle parts (permanent until appeal with evidence of removal) You may not use trailer accessories on trucks or cars, truck accessories on trailers or cars and car accessories on trucks and trailers. Mixing vehicle parts to other types of vehicles is not allowed! vehicle = truck, trailer, and car. Trailer combinations You may only use default combinations of the available trailers. These are: HCTs, Doubles, B-Doubles Restricted Zones In restricted zones, you have to follow a slightly modified gameplay-based ruleset. Multi-Trailers: Using non-standard (= non-single) trailer combinations is restricted to the default areas as given by the game. HCTs: Finland Doubles: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden B-Doubles: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden Automatic kicks You may receive automatic kicks based on high ping, anything over 60ms will result in a warning, however, it is capped at 70ms. For players outside EU, we have introduced geolocation ring fencing where the system moves you to a local "server" but you are kept on the chosen server at the initial start of the gameplay period. You will receive a soft kick if going in restricted areas with prohibited trailers. However, once corrected, you may reconnect to the server without leaving the core game.
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    Hi all, Just a quick update on a push that we have launched. We have just pushed an update to all users on our forum to enable 2FA to protect your data and your account from being hacked. This is now optional and not required. Thus, lowers risks in any premature attempts of hackers trying to gain access to your account and information. As a staff member, we require 2fa automatically due to moderation tools and the data being available. This will also be required on our website when this launches. We use a service called Google Authenticator which is available on the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. You simply install the App, make sure to confirm and allow permissions for the App to use your camera and scan the QR code. Every time you log in, refresh your cookies, your account will ask you for a digital code that you can find in the App, this will refresh regularly and will generate new QR codes. What happens if I am locked out of my account? You must email from the registered email account to [email protected] - It will generate a ticket from your registered account and then we're able to unlock the account with your validated email. If you email from a different account, we're not able to unlock it for security reasons. If you forget the email address, simply follow the 2fa instructions and it'll give you the details to refresh your memory. You can view this security feature by visiting here https://forum.infinitetruckers.com/settings/account-security/
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