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  1. @SgtBreadStick joins the Modification Team.
  2. @ChrisPatrolNoobs rejoins from LOA as Project Manager.
  3. @Slow Temporarily removed from the team due to inactivity. @EG0611 Temporarily removed from the team due to inactivity.
  4. Zysto

    Thanks for the follow :classic_love:

  5. So, a few days ago, I discovered so much outdated news, and often false news that was being shared in many Discord servers, so I thought why not promote some awareness to always follow official news made by the staff team. As we're developing and we have a large community already, I asked @Tnt404 for some additional help and we came up with something short, witty but eye grabbing. I would just like to stress always follow official channels in any project and not go by third-party, this is how fake news spreads.
  6. Ah played Busted with @Tim


    1. Tim


      It was nice to play with you! :classic_biggrin: :classic_love:

    2. MatzeOnTour


      Very nice picture Kiki ❤️

      Hope u will enjoy your day

    3. Andy_


      Chevy Impala & Dodge Charger! Very nice! 

  7. Throughout the development of the project a lot of the community asked if we would consider merchandise, our initial thought was after our modification release, but after much thought and wait, we've decided to release some merch for you to purchase. More on this here.
  8. Hope yall having a good Saturday. teddy bear hug GIF

  9. Today, we have pushed a change to our support system when your account is not accessible with your login credentials. You can read more via our news portal here.
  10. Andy_

    Howdy! 👀 ❤️ 

  11. @Finn promoted to Moderation Manager.
  12. So glad to have the forums back. Our post when we closed it down might sound we are contradicting ourselves.  However, back then, the forum was hosted with IPB, customisation was limited without having access to the db. As the beta forum was lacking of interaction, I decided to go ahead and purchase the software again but have it on self-hosted and tests have came back really positive. 

    So nice to see people here already, and for those that were smart enough to notice the forum was actually available yesterday, it was interesting to see people guess the url again. (Note to self, this text colour css needs changing)


    Think About It Reaction GIF by Identity

    1. Zysto


      Thanks for bringing it back again. Already looks way more polished and promising 🙂
      Can't wait for the interaction between the community to start again ❤️

  13. @dualznz joins the development team.
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