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  1. Improvements Moved around some fields to their correct place which should make sense. Improved the layout of the profile page and editing page. These edits are more visual improvements to help you navigate around your profile and to understand the information contained within each section.
  2. Development recruitment will be open to a selective few, the closing date is the 25/04/2020. Please apply here: https://infinitetruckers.com/recruitment Note: Applying without valid proof/evidence or doing it to waste my time may result in a permanent blacklist from applying to any department within the staff team.
  3. Improvements Mobile support is rolling back in with improvements to the support system allow you to use it on a mobile. Improvements to tables displaying information. Mobile navigation fix. Footer adjustments. Knowledge base improvements. Large amount of improvements and changes are expected to come within time as I work with the staff team to improve end user functionality.
  4. Early night for me, got college tomorrow.

  5. Major Support Change. As of today you cannot use the discord server to make a support ticket. The support system on the website has been adapated to allow you to sign into your Steam account to access the support area. This does however require you to have an account made with the Steam ID attached. I must remind you that your Steam account is your own responsibility and we do not take any responsibility with your Steam account being hacked and any outcomes that can occure such as punishments and bans due to this.
  6. We have implemented the forum into the website and the same the other way around. The forum will be tweaked from its apperance to the colour scheme as improvements are needed to provide a stunning service. More updates to follow as more features are implemented
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